What is the crypto investment?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that works based on blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency investment (crypto investment) is an investment activity made in many forms, from buying cryptocurrency directly to investing in crypto funds and companies. You can buy cryptocurrencies by buying directly on an exchange or through a broker. You need to pay attention to transaction fees when participating in cryptocurrency investments, these fees can vary between currencies. Note that cryptocurrency investing is a risky investment, and you should not invest more than you can afford to lose.

Types of Crypto Investments

  • Buy Cryptocurrencies Directly: You can choose to buy or store one or more different cryptocurrencies directly. You can choose from big coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum or new, mostly unknown and new ICO coins.
  • Invest in Cryptocurrency Companies: You can consider investing in companies dealing in the cryptocurrency sector such as coin mining, mining hardware manufacturing…or simply the companies with crypto-holding on balance sheets.
  • Invest in funds: If you don't want to choose between individual cryptocurrency companies, you can instead decide to invest in a crypto fund such as exchange-traded funds (FTFs) or index funds and futures funds. You may also consider investing in cryptocurrency investment trusts instead of directly holding and trading.
  • Cryptocurrency mining or network transaction validation: This is the most direct way to invest in cryptocurrency. Miners and validators on the network can earn rewards in cryptocurrency. They can use this bonus as an investment or exchange it for another currency.


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